Podcasts: 90s Baby Radio Show - Episode 2

This episode of the 90s Baby Radio show hosted by Tosan and Juanita features Tyson Noir, a young Nigerian musician who is perhaps most popular for his song Mercy.

He is an interesting subject. The music video of Mercy is so distinctly generic that I feared that I would fall asleep while I watched it. It is the sort of song that they play before the party; low impact and easily forgotten. It isn't bad by a long shot, but it may suffer for it's lack of badness. If it were truly awful, I may have given it a second look. In spite of all of this, I firmly believe that his best is yet to come. On his youtube page, he performs a rather good cover of Michael Jackson's Human Nature. It shows that he is not in fact talentless. In Mercy, he fell victim to the wicked ways of pop. Pop music will make a mascot of you before it makes you a star.

He was more successful in his first EP, Dreaming in Colour. His single off that EP, Don't Cry (Ma Sun Kun Mo O) featured talking drums in its rather catchy beat. That is one of the many reasons why it's a good idea to commit three minutes and three seconds of your life to listening to it.

All of that aside, he gives a good interview. Here's the second episode of the 90s Baby Road Show.

Have a listen and tell me what you think: @Afam20.

Or better yet, tell them what you think: @tosanwilts and@elmo_knows

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