Lagos Hotspots: Is that a Lotus?

If you're into perversions of an oriental nature like Hentai and Octopus pornography the hottest club in Lagos is Lotus.

The club promoter is the cross between a Lebanese pangolin, a Jamaican swordfish and a Toyota, but he's got nothing on the architect. That one is a master of drunken technical drawing. He imported a cell from Guantanamo Bay and turned it into a haven for skinny biscuits, fat cats, obnoxious turtles and stanking skunks.

Found in the sky of one plot China Town, this place has everything: beached whales, little red riding Temitayo, rainbow beer on tap and the spectacular bar tender Airconditioning-can-just-like-to-decide-to-mess-up-anytime.

Head down there this weekend. Instead of bouncers and passwords, all you've got to do is gain the approval of a bamboo shisha pipe. She isn't half as discerning as she is hot.

Happy Days,

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