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It’s a random weekend in October, with no great holidays and absolutely no great events. I do not doubt that many of you Lagosians are looking for something to do or at the very least somewhere to go. While both of these things are similar people in Lagos seem to prefer the latter to the former. Anyway, if you’re chronically addicted to stress, and in need of a sip, I know the place for you. The hottest club in Lagos at the minute is Sip.

The bouncers here are retired orcs from the now concluded film series the Lord of the Rings. They’ve traded in their pointed ears, and bad dentition for inconclusive pregnancies and a notoriously irrational door policy. Be that as it may there is reason in their madness. To get in you must apply the scent of corruption and old age, Eau de Chairman without reservation. If you cannot, then you must find it’s cheaper and infinitely more accessible cousin, Eau de Future Chairman, but that has no guarantees.

Built from the ashes of a sadomasochist, this defunct meat locker has everything: Bob’s your Uncle, Nigerian promiscuous daddy, exposed arm pits, ruptured ear drums, and the widest age range of aesthetically pleasing people you’re ever likely to see in the city. Although this could be my alcohol goggles talking.  

Found in the middle of Lagos’ centre of Excellence, it is the only club that is as busy outside the gates as it is inside the club. So head down there this weekend if you’re a hippity hopper with a penchant for beating afros. Standing and sitting are guaranteed but dancing is decidedly not.

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Sir Fariku said...

Definitely an irrational door policy. Add to that extremely rude bouncers (although I have noticed this is a feature of VI and perhaps lagos). Had a bouncer apologize to me when one of the perceived "chairmen" came out and was calling me boss. On principle, I refused to go in that day. Crowded and aight music. The crowd is pretty and trendy but that's it.

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