Friends are like cars aren't they?

Friends are like cars. They're extremely convenient to have but a little expensive to maintain. Unlike cars they don’t need fuel or oil changes, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need maintenance. In lieu of hours at the service station and battery replacements, they require time, frequent communication, and tonnes of effort. 

Like all vehicles with engines, this writer has found that different friends have different uses. There are the friends that are great to drink with, and there are the friends that are great to get high with. There are the friends that shine in deep meaningful conversations, and there are those that are fantastic in all career related matters. 

Because life is a bumpy ocean filled with mess and gore and all manner of disgusting things, it is difficult to know which friend is which, and this is why problems arise in friendship. Some times a going out friend is used as a deep meaningful conversation friend because that friend is there when you were due for a deep meaningful conversation about life. As this is not the way that friend should be used, there will be difficulties. It’s the same way your Ferrari will disappoint you after weeks of being used like a pick up truck. 

As it’s the start of another year, and most of the people that read this blog fall under the collective pile of, “I’M STILL FIGURING SHIT OUT!” This is a message and a call to action. If you’ve got a friend that’s effectively a Kia Picanto (a frightfully small and not particularly heavy duty car) please do not use that friend like it’s a Land Rover Discovery (The King of off road adventures and potholes)

Happy New Year,


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